https static hosting

Tue, Jan 31, 2017

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A quitck introduction to create a static https site on Amazon Web Services

The first thing you need is an Amazon Web Services account, if you freshly opened it, congratulations you still qualify for their ‘Free-Tier’ program. See here for more information.

I am writing form memory what I just did, so I am not taking responsability for any costs that might occur if you fudge up the confs :) OFC this will cost you some money, pls make sure you read up on the prices and are aware how much it will cost you

  1. Buy via the Amazon - Route 53 a domain
  2. Create a bucket that is preferably named as your domain. ( ->
  3. Create via ‘AWS Certificate Manager’ a certificate for all domains you wish to serve from your CloudFront (to be sure do it for both and
  4. Confirm for each domain that you requested that you actually did, you should receive emails with a link you have to click
  5. Create an Amazon CloudFront distribution
    • Set ‘Default Root Object’ (for example as index.html
    • Set ‘Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs)’ (all the domains you wish to serve from this Amazon Cloudfront.
    • Set ‘Viewer Protocol Policy’ to forward http to https.